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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shopping Our Stash - Create A Shaped Card

Hello Crafty Peeple!

Welcome to another challenge week at Shopping Our Stash!

Challenge:  Create A Shaped Project

Shaped cards used to be a real pain, however, with the innovative advances in thin metal die design and production, creating shaped cards is breezy easy.  As much as I love my Big Shots and other cutting machines, sometimes I like to do things the old fashion way.  I like to just use my hands.  I guess that is why I am so fascinated with Mixed Media these days.

Napkin Fold Card
I am not sure that my project really qualifies as a "Shaped Card, "  it may be more of a fancy fold.  It is, however folded into a shape, so I imagine I can skate on through!

The Hubster had a good time taking pictures.  He wanted to see how many ways he could fold the card.  He was very creative and came up with some fun shots.  Sharing for the fun of it!

 The Oriental Fan is from SCACD "Nature's Tapestry Fan

 These two remind me of a Kimono

The Design Paper is from Teresa Collins' Fabrication

My teammates have fashioned some pretty cool shaped projects!  Stop by Shopping Our Stash and have a look see.  Hope you find great inspiration and share the results in our challenge!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A D-I-Y Project by The Hubster

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
I frequently refer to "The Hubster" in my postings, mainly because he is my best cheerleader, head enabler and facilitator, and the LOVE of My Life!  I love handmade furniture, and so. it goes without saying that most of my furniture is "antique."  Probably not by the standards of antique dealers, but definitely by the amount of years that have passed since I purchased it.

One of my favorite pieces is our dining room set!   It is completely "pegged," and the only nails are the Flat Head Upholstery Tacks that were used to attach the leather backs and seats to the wood.  We were living in community for about five years and really only visited our main home a couple times a month.  Needless to say the leather began to crack, even though the chairs were covered.  I researched having the chairs re-upholstered but the cost of the leather was ridiculous.  I finally found faux leather fabric on Amazon that was as close a match as we were going to get and The Hubster repaired the two chairs that were in dire need of help.   I am so glad to be rid of the chair covers.  I love my wood and leather and pleather! :D)

HE DID IT! Go Hubster!
These two chairs have the original leather backs!  I took these right after Chanukah, so my Chanukiah and my Shabbos candle holders are still on the table!
I forgot to take a picture before he put the back on! Caught him as he was ripping the seat!
The Hubster even found "cheap" foam padding at Big Lots!  YAY!


The Hubster has another project in the hopper.  I will share it when he is done!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shopping Our Stash Challenge #236 - Inspired By A Book - N'tilat Yadayim

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
Well, we have a good theme for our challenge this week at Shopping Our Stash!
We want you to create a project that was:
Inspired By A Book
I really thought this would be easy.  Not only am I an avid reader,  but also, one of those who keeps books to read them again.  Last year during our decluttering push, I sent tons of books off to my grandson's school and to a store that resells books.  Still,  I have tons more that belong to me and some that belong to my son, who also a hoarder of books.  Needless to say, even surrounded by all this potential inspiration, I came up empty!  While I was wandering around picking up books and putting them down again, The Hubster called to say that lunch was ready.
I was still seeking inspiration when I picked up the hand washing cup and was stunned by how awful it looked.  Immediately, I knew this cup would be my project for the challenge.
N'tilat Yadayim
 Inspired by the Bencher Siddur Birkat Hamazon,  a book of Prayers and Songs
Yadayim = Hands

The hand washing cup is used for ritual hand washing prior to eating a meal with bread.  As wedding gifts, we were given several beautiful cups that we use on Shabbos, however, for everyday use, we chose these plastic cups.  Over time, they have become discolored.
I love using the faux metal technique and wanted to see how it would work on my cup!
I love  these WRMK Next Level Embossing Folders.  You get 2 Folders
 Texture Paste on the Debossed side of the foil preserves your design 
and helps with application.
This was applied to the bottom of the cup.  I covered it with clear shelf liner and the entire cup was sealed first with Mod Podge™ and Varnish!

Supplies Used:
Plastic Hand Washing Cup
Aluminum Foil
WRMK® Next Level Folder - Butterfly (Each Pkg has two folders.)
Liquitex® Molding Paste
 Ann Butler Designs® Iridescents™ 
Earth Safe Finishes® Chalk It Up Paint™
Liquitex® Professional Varnish - Gloss
Mod Podge™
Rub n' Buff ® Wax Finish - Silver Leaf (used on the rim of the cup)
Ranger ® Distress Paint™ - Hickory Smoke (Used to paint the inside)
The Hubster and I both feel much better now when we say the N'tilat Yadayim!  I believe anytime we honor HaShem, our ritual items should always be at their very best.  He is Worthy of the Honor and the Praise!

Thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah
 My teammates have created some pretty fabulous projects!  Pay them a visit and leave some love!